About Jaron

Contestant on season 14 of The Voice, Jaron Strom could soon be the artist that bridges the gap between pop and soul. With his smooth seductive tone and catchy melodies, he’s creating a buzz out of Charlotte, NC and making sure everybody hears it. He has been a self sustaining artist for over ten years performing on his own, in a band and through social media outlets. While going to school for graphic design he discovered his gift for writing and singing which started in a dorm room then lead to coffee shops and small stages. Knowing he could use this skill he began building his music and planning to make a change in the world with it. While singing in a restaurant bathroom Jaron was heard by Anthony Hamilton’s brother which lead to a close friendship between the young pop singer and soul R&B legend Anthony himself. Words such as “You have extreme talent” are used by Mr. Hamilton himself to describe what he’s discovered here in his home town and stomping ground. Jaron has a mix of style which may remind you of the sweet tone of Bruno Mars, perfect falsetto runs by Justin Timberlake and the catchy simplicity of Motown itself. He also plays guitar and get ready because he’s only just begun with his music career and he has a think less, do more attitude.


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