Trade Your Birthday

The Idea

Trade Your Birthday would be a non-profit Christian business with one motive, to Change The World. You would come to this business in person, on the site, or the mobile site and tell them your birthday. To begin the process the business would then locate a child or adult in poverty or without family. The person would be located in the US or any other country of your choice, and the person chosen would share the same birthday with you. After the person is located, you would help to create a birthday package with a set amount of items of your choice also including your Picture and a letter. The package could have more items depending on the amount donated by the customer. The letter you write would then be translated depending on the country you’re sending it to. The business would also require that you give a minimum of five dollars in donation to help with the cost of shipping. The cost involved in this process would be the items put in the package and shipping to deliver it. This birthday package would then be sent and received on the child or adults birthday and you would be notified on the big day that your trade was successful!

Who to Attract

Trade Your Birthday is meant to attract any and every person that has a birthday which is celebrated by others around them. Basically the business would target any person with a birthday, five dollars and a passion to change the world. Also as a Graphic Designer I would use my new fresh design as a young artist to create the web-site as well as any other form of marketing needed.

Why this will be successful

If you can tell me for a fact that there isn't a person in the world with the same birthday as you that goes unnoticed on that day, then this business is unsuccessful. But YOU know there is a person out there like that for each and every day of the year. Help make somebodies big day as extravagant as yours and share the love! :)