A little about me...

Hailing from North Carolina Jaron Strom grew up in a small town know as Grover. He’s a singer and musician with amazing talent and a kind heart. Jaron works full time as a graphic and web designer which is what he went to school for at Appalachian State University. He sites his musical influences as James Morrison, Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, anything Motown and Elvis among others – aspires (in his words) to “do more than just put design on the streets or tunes on the radio. I want to touch and unite people across the world in hopes to change and better it. As a child, I always enjoyed being creative whether it was through drawing or singing. I feel a calling to change the world and believe I can do so through my love for music and helping others, for music is the only language everyone understands and it reaches a special place in everyone’s soul.” Jaron plays acoustic guitar with a tremendous amount of character and rhythmic sensuality. There’s a ‘less is more’ aesthetic about him and it’s appealing. His vocals offer a subtly soulful, and emotional presence, which compliments his unique tone. He began performing during college at, open-mic nights, local events, and at church. He continues to enhance his music to this day and is in the process of building his social following and recording his first album in Charlotte, NC.


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